Construction fibers

Mortars, plasters, fillers, levelling compounds, tile adhesives ...


High-quality construction fibers for numerous applications

With our building fibres you can stabilise cementitious building materials, paints, sealing compounds and other building materials. We produce the ideal construction fibers for every challenge. In addition to standardized products with the designation PB Eurofiber, you can also purchase customized fibers from us.

Optimal properties for the respective requirements

The stabilizing effect has top priority for all fibers. Our products reliably prevent cracks from forming in the corresponding mass. The small but hard-wearing fibres hold the material together for a long time. In addition, construction fibers in cement and other building materials must have other properties, depending on their specific use. In outdoor areas, for example, it is important that they are resistant to frost and de-icing salt. They should also prevent water from penetrating inside and outside. On our homepage we list all our construction fibres and inform you about the exact technical properties and data. There are differences, among other things, in material, cross-section, fibre thickness and elongation at break.

Fibres for better fire protection

One of our strengths is that we can produce the right fibers for every task. This applies, for example, to fibers that have to meet strict fire protection criteria. These fibers in concrete, which we sell under the brand name PB Eurofiber HPR, minimize the damage caused by a possible fire and thus protect the residents. Thanks to increased flowability in the molten state, the water vapor pressure is more quickly dissipated through microchannels. Our refractory construction fibers can also be used in special concretes such as self-compacting concrete. We would be pleased to advise you personally on these fibres and our other products.

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