Functional Fibres for Technical Applications

Customised PP Fibres



PB EUROFIBER CUT is the trademark identifying our short-cut multifil fibres for specialty technical applications.

Utilising our extensive product and applications know-how, we offer fibre solutions expertly engineered for your specific applications and needs.

Contact Person

André Bäumer

Phone: +49 (0) 52 42 - 595-110
Fax: +49 (0) 52 42 - 595-210

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We are a single-source manufacturer offering
  • Product development to customer‘s specifications
  • Selected high-quality raw materials
  • Fibres with modified properties
  • Fibres with custom-engineered
    functional additives
  • Specified fibre blends with different
  • fibre dimensions (fibre length/ fibre count)
  • Full control of all manufacturing processes
  • Comprehensive quality management 24/7
  • Highest fibre performance for trouble-free
    processing in your plant

Technical Data

Melting point165 °C131 °C122 °C104 °C95 °C / 73 °C125 - 185 °C
depending on type
dtex / den / Diameter1,2 bis 150 dtex / 1,1 bis 135 den / 13 bis 145 μm
Fibre length2,2 mm, 3 mm, 4,6 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 18 mm
PE also available in 1.5 mm fibre length; crosslinked PE also available in approx. 1 mm fibre length
Moisture content0,3 % - 20 % (as per your specification)
Spin finishHydrophilic
Remark- high alkali resistance
- chemically resistant to acit, bases, salts and most solvents
- Outstanding fibre dispersibility
- biogenic origin
- industrial biodegradable

Fibre Properties

Low specific weightPP
0.91 g / cm3
0.94 g / cm3
1.24 g / cm3
Comparative valuesPAN
1.18 g / cm3
1.36 g / cm3
1.52 g / cm3
2.60 g / cm3

Optional Fibre Modifications (other versions also available)

Polymer modifications
Fibres with fillers (e.g. mineral fillers)
PP / PE fibres with improved bonding to foreign materials such as cellulose,
glass as well as synthetic and mineral materials
Antimicrobial fibres
Fibres with increased polarity
Hydrophobic spin finishes
Thermostabilised PE fibres
PP fibres with significantly reduced melt viscosity (increased MFR)
x-linked PE fibres with increased melt viscosity (decreased MFR)
All information and data in this brochure are provided without engagement. We recommend evaluation of product suitability by appropriate testing before use.