Functional Fibres for Fire-Resistant Concretes

For Improved Fire Resistance and Reduced Spalling



Spalling Protection Fibres: How They Work

In the event of a fire, the PP-fibres embedded in the concrete melt, creating a permeable capillary network which permits escape of the
gases evolved. Special PP grades with low melt viscosity rates provide enhanced fire resistance as shown by tests conducted with concretes
of various types.

The results: Reduced spalling, Upgraded structural safety.

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André Bäumer

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Product Range (other products also available)


Standard Fibres

Fibre Length
g/10.000 m
Fibre Count
approx. 1 million/kg
Theoretical Length
approx. km/kg
PB EUROFIBER REF 503 20/319.83.02.812003600(1, 2)
PB EUROFIBER REF 506 20/619.86.02.86003600(1, 2)
PB EUROFIBER REF 506 18/618.06.02.37254350(2)
PB EUROFIBER PRO-MIX 32/631.76.07.22301400(1, 2, 3)

High-Performance Fibres

Fibre Length
g/10.000 m
Fibre Count
approx. 1 million/kg
Theoretical Length
approx. km/kg
PB EUROFIBER HPR 15/615.43.01.710005900(1, 2)
PB EUROFIBER HPR 20/619.86.02.86003600(1, 2)
PB EUROFIBER HPR 32/631.76.07.22301400(1, 2)
All information and data in this brochure are provided without engagement. We recommend evaluation of product suitability by appropriate testing before use.

HPR (Heat Prompt Reaction) / High-Performance PP Fibres / Patented Technology

What sets PB EUROFIBER HPR apart from conventional PP anti-spalling fibres is its outstanding flow capability in the molten state.

In the event of fire, this ease of flow permits quick and efficient formation of a permeable capillary network which vents off vapour pressure from the concrete, therefore reducing more efficient spalling.

Test specimens shown after the fire testing:

HPR-Fibres / Advantages over Conventional Spalling Protection Fibres

    • Approx. up to 40 – 50 % lower fibre dosage
    • Lower fibre costs per m3 concrete in most cases
    • Ease of processing
    • Reduced need for concrete additives
      such as flow agents, stabilizers, etc.
    • Increased stability of the concrete
    • Reduced impact on slump behaviour


  • Other fibre geometries available on request                                    Fibre diameter: 13 – 145 μm / Fibre length: 2.2, 3, 4.6, 6, 12, 18 mm
    Fibre moisture content: approx. 0.5 – 3 % (product specific)
  • Certifications / official approvals
    (1) DIBt certification
    (German Institute of Construction Technology)
    (Certification no.: Z-3.73-1878)
    (2) CE certified according to System 1 (with annual third-party monitoring)
    (3) BB2G classification by ÖVBB Guidelines
  • Packaging Options
    Small packages: 50 – 5000 g / Large bags: 15 – 25 kg
    Big Bags: approx. 200 – 500 kg


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