Fibres Screed reinforcement

Screed reinforcement for crack minimization

Even if the screed reinforcement is no longer used too often today, it can still prove to be advisable in special cases. For example, if you are planning to lay a stone or ceramic covering on cement screed. Reinforcement on screed and heated screed on insulating layer is used according to DIN 18560-2 to minimise cracking, even if it cannot completely prevent crack formation.

Great range of fibres

With us you will find the suitable fibres for fibre reinforcement. Plastic, glass or steel fibres are added to the actual screed mass to prevent shrinkage and early cracking. A distinction is made between fibres which prevent height offset and are intended to limit the width of cracks, and fibres which minimise shrinkage cracks.

In the first variant, steel fibres are used because they are particularly well suited to absorbing the forces of shear movements. The steel fibres are added to the screed mass with dosages of 12.5 – 25 kg per m². Fibres made of glass or plastic are mainly used to minimise shrinkage cracking. Especially when the screed mortar has been laid fresh, early shrinkage cracks can form which can lead to lengthy and costly “post-treatment”. You can prevent this by adding our fibres to the screed mass. The fibres for the prevention of shrinkage cracks are mixed with a dosage of approx. 1kg per m².

No matter whether for the new house or the industrial floor for the new factory hall or the production plant, with our steel, glass and plastic fibres the screed is smooth and thus offers the perfect base for the later floor covering. Of course you will find everything you need to guarantee a stable and durable screed reinforcement.

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