Polyethylene fibres


Polyethylene fibres in the construction industry - professional solutions for special applications

Polyethylene (PE) is the most widely used thermoplastic in the world. All types of polyethylene have good electrical insulation properties, high chemical resistance and good sliding properties, while their mechanical properties are generally moderate. We have found a way to crosslink the carbon chains of the plastic polymer to produce special polyethylene fibers that have a higher heat resistance than standard PE fibers.

Benefits of cross-linked polyethylene fibers

Depending on the degree of cross-linking, the melting behaviour of our PE fibres varies. While a slight cross-linking leads to a more viscous melt, strongly cross-linked fibres do not melt at all and show a rubber-like, elastic property when heated. Thanks to our patented process, we can individually adjust the higher heat resistance of the fibers and the higher viscosity of the fiber melt, thus creating an optimum basis for the use of polyethylene fibers in a wide variety of areas of the construction industry.

Application areas for polyethylene fibers

With polymer melting points of up to 131 °C, PE fibers do not come close to the heat resistance of polypropylene or polyester fibers, but they are nevertheless suitable for numerous construction applications. They offer increased adhesion to foreign materials such as glass, cellulose, mineral or synthetic components and optimized dispersion. Typical applications include pipelines for gas and drinking water supply, sheathing for medium and high voltage cables as well as screeds and industrial floors. Polyethylene fibers are also used in cementitious building materials, sealing compounds and paints.

We offer you fibres made of HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE and TPE in various fibre titers and cut lengths. Let us advise you individually and find the right polyethylene fibres for your application together with us.


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