Polypropylene strapping band

More than 50 years of experience: our robust strapping made of polypropylene

More than half a century ago, the first polypropylene strapping left our factory. Since then, numerous customers from a wide range of industries have placed their trust in the quality of our PP strapping. They are characterised in particular by their high tear strength. They are used in many economic sectors such as mail order, printing and the food industry. They provide valuable services wherever companies need to tie goods together and secure them. These can be loose goods such as a stack of magazines. They are also suitable for additional securing of goods packed in cartons or products on a pallet.

Stable and easy to handle

Our PP strapping, which we deliver on coils, reliably fulfil their purpose: thanks to their convincing strength, they do not tear during strapping or subsequent transport. Abrasion is minimal, which also contributes to their robustness. Also worth mentioning is the slippage resistance, the polypropylene strapping does not slip. It is also important that strapping straps are easy to process. This applies to our products, which stand out for their ideal weldability. It does not matter whether you apply the straps semi-automatically or fully automatically: In all cases, the tapes can be perfectly welded so that the efficiency of the packaging process is guaranteed.

Polypropylene strapping: We can print individually!

As a highlight we offer you to individualize the polypropylene strapping. Firstly, we produce it in the colour of your choice, and we also produce multi-coloured straps. Secondly, we print it with your logo or text. The PP strapping is then used not only for transport safety, but also for marketing.

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