PP fibres

PP fibres as a strong material in the composite

PP fibres are polypropylene fibres produced by chain polymerisation from the monomer propene. They are particularly hard, stable and heat resistant. In addition, they are antistatic, non-magnetic and non-conductive. The PP fibres are characterised by a particularly long service life. These fibres can be used in a wide range from 0 to 100 degrees without any problems. Since PP is odourless and kind to the skin, it can be used without hesitation in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The use of the fibres is considered safe, environmentally friendly and harmless.

Application range of the fibres

Our PP fibres are mainly used in the construction industry. They are used wherever a modification of the building materials is necessary in order to achieve better durability and longevity. We offer professional PP fibres for a wide range of applications and can develop individual polypropylene-based fibres for special applications together with you. With us you get solutions for PP fibers, which are tailored to your area of application.

composite of polypropylene fibres with other materials

By blending the fibres with mineral components, the strength and the applicable temperature range of the component is extended. We offer you fibres that are mixed with concrete, for example, in order to obtain a solid, resistant building material. Our PP fibres, which can be easily mixed with other materials, are used, for example, in screeds, prefabricated components and foundations. These mineral materials obtain a better frost resistance, abrasion resistance and compressive strength through the fusion with polypropylene fibres. Furthermore, the danger of cracks in the material is minimized and the resistance to weather influences and chemical substances is significantly increased.

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