Screed fibres

Our screed fibres for longer service life and greater load-bearing capacity

We are a manufacturer of functional fibres for construction applications in concretes and mortar masses and offer you high-quality products. As far as the extrusion of PP and PE fibres is concerned, our company is one of the pioneers in this field worldwide. As the experience of our long company tradition flows into the development and manufacture of our products, our screed fibres are characterised by their high efficiency. They are CE certified and DIBt approved.
The installation of the fibres increases the so-called green strength and significantly reduces the risk of early shrinkage cracks. In addition, the fibres increase the bending tensile strength and the impact strength. The fibres are corrosion-free and antistatic.

For building material applications of different kinds

Our company’s screed fibres can be found in various building material applications. Our products are used in concretes, mortars, dry mix production, screeds and industrial floors.
For fire-resistant concretes: The fire resistance of our PP fibres has been recognised by MFPA Leipzig GmbH as an effective protective measure. This is a recognised test centre for building materials, concretes and mineral building materials. The PP fibres significantly increase the fire resistance of concretes in case of fire.

Concentration on selected quality products

As a family-run company with tradition, we concentrate on functional fibres for concrete and mortar applications, the improvement of which we are constantly working on. We know what we are doing, know our range inside out and are able to advise you competently. In our download area you will find product information on our concrete fibres, mortar fibres and screed fibres in the form of PDF files. Should you require further information on our range of products, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Please use the contact possibilities on our homepage. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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