Short fibres

Short cut fibres from the specialist

For special technical applications you will find various short cut fibres. Our registered trademark PB Eurofiber Cut offers you PP / PE and PET fibers in various prefabricated lengths – and thanks to our experience and know-how, we can develop professional solutions that are perfectly tailored to your requirements for your special applications.

Use of Short Cut Fibres

Short cut fibres are produced industrially and are often mixed with polymers to produce carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP = carbon fibre reinforced plastics). It is extremely versatile and is used in countless areas, for example in extruder and injection moulding plants to produce plastic components. On the one hand you will find our patented cross-linked PE fibres, which are characterised by a completely different melting behaviour. They are more heat-stable and have a viscous melt. This means that the short cut fibres become more elastic and rubber-like when heated. Of course, the viscosity of the fiber melt and the heat stability can be individually adjusted.

If you are looking for a fibre with strongly reduced viscosity, we have our patented PP fibres ready for you. These are usually used when standard fibres with a melt-flow index of 15 – 40 are no longer sufficient.

Our short cut fibres are available in many different container sizes to meet all your requirements. From the handy 50-gram bag up to containers with 300 – 500 kg for larger applications, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Of course, we can also manufacture our short cut fibres according to your personal and individual requirements – contact us and we will develop exactly the solutions you need.

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