Splicing foil fiber

Our splicing foil fibre for more building material quality

With the splice foil fibre from our range you extend the service life of your building materials. The fibre protects plaster and floors from frost and reduces the formation of early shrinkage cracks. Mineral-bound building materials are enhanced in quality by the addition of our splice foil fibres. Since they are kept in white transparent, the fibres remain optically inconspicuous. Thoroughly stirred into the building material, they can be evenly distributed. With the admixture of quality fibres, your building material benefits several times from the positive properties of our innovative product. We offer you different packaging sizes. Beginning with small packaging between 50 and 1000 g up to Big Bags or folding boxes from 300 kg.

Heat-resistant, resistant and corrosion-free

Our high-quality splicing foil fibre is corrosion-free, antistatic and resistant to acids, alkalis and salts. Our fibre is very resistant to heat and fire. The self-ignition temperature is above 320 degrees Celsius and the melting point is about 165 degrees. The fiber can withstand hot air up to 120 degrees. The plastic fibre increases the resistance of your building material to green, impacts and pressure. The plastic fibres can be easily stirred into cement-like building materials such as concrete and screed. The length of the individual fibres is between 2 and 20 mm, depending on the design.

Information and further information

If you have any questions about our splicing foil fibre, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will advise you comprehensively and competently. On our homepage you will find the e-mail address and telephone and fax numbers of our responsible employees. In addition, we also provide information brochures and product overviews as PDF files.

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André Bäumer
Tel.: +49 (0) 52 42 – 595-110
Fax: +49 (0) 52 42 – 595-210
Mail: andre.baeumer@baumhueter.de

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