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Our company has existed for over 145 years, and since the early 1960s we have successfully concentrated on our current focus: the extrusion of polyolefins. We process plastics such as PP and PE into strapping straps and construction fibres. For this purpose we have high-quality machines, many years of experience and a great deal of expertise at our disposal. In addition to our standard products, we also manufacture customer-specific solutions. Our specialists at our headquarters in Rheda-Wiedenbrück provide comprehensive advice.

Strapping strap manufacturer: the perfect protection for your goods

Our reorientation in the 1960s enabled us to establish ourselves as a strapping band manufacturer in Germany and beyond. Our strapping is characterized by its durability: Due to this property, they can be perfectly processed and fulfil their purpose during transport: They reliably secure your goods. On request, we can also provide the PP strapping with an individual imprint, for example a logo in combination with an advertising slogan. We offer you our strapping through our PB Strapping division.

Special supplier for construction fibres

We have not only made a name for ourselves internationally as a strapping band manufacturer: The production of special fibers for the construction industry and for various technical applications forms our second mainstay. Our fibres ensure that materials such as cement and paints are permanently bonded together. There are no annoying cracks. Depending on the type of product, they prevent the penetration of water, contain fires and are resistant to frost. Our customers need the fibers with the brand names PB Eurofiber, PB Eurofiber HPR and PB Eurofiber Cut for a variety of applications, including special challenges such as bridge and tunnel construction.

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